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I believe:

  • you can become a savvy investor knowing how to use multiple strategies (buy and hold, flip, wholesale, short-term, student housing) to make your business a success. 

  • in building a real estate portfolio that gives you financial freedom and the life you've dreamed of 

  • real estate is a tool to create that can replace your income

  • investing in real estate can change your life

If you agree, keep reading...

You will learn:

  • 14 Secrets to Financing Your Deal with OPM( other people's money)
  • Using Business Credit to Invest in Real Estate
  • Finding Properties & Negotiating with Sellers to Get the Price You Want
  • How to Wholesale Properties You Want to Pass On 
  • Secrets to Finding, Working, and Keeping Contractors
  • How to Create Your Own Excel Spreadsheets to Budget Your Rehabs and Track Expenses
  • Building Your Net worth to Becoming an Accredited Investor
  • How to Partner in Deals- 5 Types of Ownership
  • Structuring Your Business and Obtaining your EIN
  • Analyzing Deals to Filp, Buy and Hold, AirBnb, and Wholesale
  • Working with Hard money Lenders to Finance Deals to Flip, Hold, and Develop 
  • Becoming a Landlord: leases, tenants, property management
  • Long-distance Real Estate Investing
  • Low Income Housing with Tax Incentives and Grants
  • What to Expect at the Closing Table as an Investor
  • The Millionaire Mindset
  • How to Purchase Tax Certificates

Office Hours

Available per request. This consultation is for working through an existing problem or situation: dealing with a problem before or during rehab and/or making a decision with financing, selecting team members, a property, a strategy, tenants, etc.

Meet the Founder & Instructor

Who is Candle Lockett...and why is she so lit?

Candle Lockett is your light in real estate. She has always been passionate about serving others. She is a real estate investor, consultant, Associate Broker, and Master’s in Real Estate candidate at Fordham University. 

She is also the host of the “Lighting Up Real Estate podcast which is ranked in the top 5% globally.  

Candle has been in the industry as an investor since 2008. She has experience in rehabbing, cash flow rentals, long and short-term, college rentals, restoring historic homes, foreclosures, land ownership, and development. 

She is passionate about teaching. She is also an international educator with a B.S and ED.S in Education.- she is qualified to teach you all about real estate. 


Candle is excellent in her teaching and knowledge of what she does I would encourage everyone that is ready to take the next step in this business. Take the class you will not be disappointed!!! - A. Cross

Candle has proven to be a godsend time and time again.  Her advice as a real estate consultant has helped me to save money, make better purchase decisions, and to avoid the headaches of a relatively new investor.  In her role of mentor, coach, AND podcast host, I am blown away at how she constantly offers a new and fresh perspective on areas of real estate that I had never considered before. She is the TRUTH!!!!           -A. Ingram

I was bound and determined to make a go of my investment property; but, I was afraid of the unknown, worried about financing, and did not know who to trust with the process. Candle was there every step of the way whether it was a text, email, or Zoom conference. She encouraged me to stay the course with my very first property. Candle guided me through my financing options, recommended contractors, and provided a checklist for me to use as I worked to finish the rehab of my investment property. Through Candle’s coaching and expertise, I can now declare myself as a real estate investor. Thank you!

- LaQuisha R. 


  • Downloadable contracts, checklists, and scripts: P&S, Assignments, amendments, Landlord/ tenant contracts, general contractor's agreements, seller financing, the scope of work, operating agreement, rehab worksheet, and more. 
  • Monthly challenges with prizes and giveaways. On the first of every month, you are given an assignment that is a game-changer. If you participate, you can not only win a prize but also grow your business. 
  • The Millionaire's Club. An all-access community where the millionaires are made. Learn how to create the life you wanted in all areas: finance, love, and health not just real estate. Join 21-Day Millionaire's Challenge and get clear on everything you want in life and bring it into existence. 
  • Monthly guests: I will be bringing experts from lending, insurance, finance, other real estate investors, and leaders into the community to teach and get all of your questions answered. 
  • Direct Access: If you have questions about investing, the courses, or need advice outside of office hours, you can send me a direct message within the community. I respond within 2hrs. 


How long do I have access to Real Estate Investing Masterclass?
As long as you are a member you have access. You have two options: monthly and lifetime with an NFT Founders Card. You can cancel your monthly subscription at any time. 

How can I purchase the NFT Founder's Card for Lifetime Access?  You can purchase below in USD. Then you will receive email instructions to set up your crypto wallet. If you want to purchase the NFT in cryptocurrency use this site:

When does the course begin?
Everything is on-demand. Take the course at your own pace and schedule! Attend live sessions every Tuesday and Thursday night. The course schedule is inside the community.  

Do I already need to be an investor or own real estate to join?
No. This community is made for beginners or anyone that wants to understand how to use real estate as leverage and become an investor and build their portfolio. 

Do you offer refunds?
No. Due to the number of digital sessions (on-demand and live), contracts, spreadsheets, documents, and digital products readily accessible, we do not offer refunds.

If you are on a monthly rolling subscription, it is your responsibility to cancel your subscription prior to the next payment processing date. 

What if I need help while taking the course?
If you have any questions related to the course, documents, and resources, email [email protected] or dm in the community.